We at Geo-Hydro, Inc. (GHI) would like to thank you for this opportunity to introduce our company. GHI provides comprehensive services in geology, hydrogeology, and environmental management throughout the United States and internationally.  GHI was founded in 1996 with the intent of providing our clients with services of the utmost quality, from experienced and dedicated people, while maintaining a personalized relationship and cost effectiveness. 

At GHI, projects are completed within budget, on-time, and to your satisfaction.
Our proven objective is to provide unsurpassed expertise and skills at reasonable prices.
    GHI’s staff experience base spans three decades and includes clients from both the public and private sectors.  Our client list includes:
   Federal, State, and Local Government Agencies;
   Industry, Manufacturing, and Mining Companies;
   Industry Associations and Legal Firms; and
   Private Citizens and Citizens Groups.
    GHI’s project experience includes most aspects of geology, hydrogeology, and environmental management.  Our project list includes:
   Environmental Assessments, Investigations and Remediations;
   Groundwater Flow and Surface Water Flow Modeling;
   Fate and Transport, Thermal Loading, and Geochemical Modeling;
   Minerals, Coal, Oil and Gas, Groundwater and Surface Water Resource Development;
   Groundwater and Surface Water Monitoring Network Design, Installation and Review; and
   Litigation Support, Expert Testimony and Regulatory Negotiation.

    GHI’s belief is that the success of any project hinges foremost, and almost exclusively, on the experience and expertise of the specific individuals who ultimately perform the work. "Corporate experience" does not exist beyond the individual experiences of the project team.  To provide our clients with a means to assess the experience of our professionals, individual resumes are included on our Project Experience page.

    To learn more about the services GHI offers, visit our field specific web pages listed to the left.   If you have concerns or questions about your current project and would like to know how GHI can help [click here] to to find out how to contact us.